How We Work

Delivering Multi-Site Multi-Vendor Projects With Mixed Teams

We have refined our business processes by blending leading industry practices spanning from classical Waterfall to modern Agile methodologies.

projects with teams

We have been working both with software vendors and non-software companies in projects with teams located in different parts of the world. While successful distributed development allows teams to develop high quality software faster, leading to improved business agility and a greater capacity to handle the pressures of competition, the challenges are significant.

communicate accurately and unambiguously across the barriers imposed by distance, time zones languages, or cultures – or all of these factors;
manage all dimensions of the software development lifecycle – requirements, change, and assets, testing, coding, etc. – in a distributed environment.

We can help here, for we know perfectly well how to ensure there are neither overlaps nor conflicting delivery terms.


The Agile framework maintains a customer focus and affirms that all remote teams will deliver the highest-priority features first.
Sprint reviews ensure that the delivered features are reviewed and that feedback is shared.
Test driven development supports the simplest design with good test coverage and assures that no additional features are created which were not requested by the Product Owner.
Refactoring strengthens evolutionary design and helps teams resolve the architectural issue.



Teams are isolated across different locations. Some teams may not be using Agile.


Cross-functional Scrum teams are isolated across locations and integrated by a Scrum-of-Scrums that meets regularly across locations.


Scrum team members are distributed across locations.